Animation Styles and Techniques

What Exactly Is Animation?

The art of animating drawings (also known as stop-motion animation) or the practice of photographing consecutive drawings, models, or puppets and altering them so that they look as moving pictures are defined as follows:

A Brief Overview of the History of Animation

Since the invention of shadow play (or, as it is more commonly known, shadow puppetry) about 200 A.D., people have come up with various inventive ways to tell stories.

Even though computer-generated imagery (CGI) is now utilised to make any animation style, old traditions of storytelling such as shadow puppetry are still in use today.

Who Was the Inventor of the First Animation?

Many people were involved in the development of animation and the creation of the earliest animations throughout history. However, only one individual is thought to be the most important.

Fantasmagorie is considered to be one of the first instances of conventional animation.
As a result, Cohl is referred to as the “Father of Animation” by film historians since he created what they regard to be the first animated cartoon.

The word Fantasmagorie is derived from the term Phantasmagoria, which refers to a horror theatre popular in the nineteenth century that employed “magic” lanterns to project moving pictures of skeletons, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings.

On the other hand, the artist sketched each frame on white paper and photographed it on negative film to invert the colours. It seems to be chalk drawings on a black blackboard in certain places. Cohle produced over 700 sketches to get the final design.

Since the development of Fantasmagorie, the world’s first animated film, animation has gone a long way in terms of sophistication. Nowadays, computers are used to make the majority of produced spirits.

According to the New York Times, this film demonstrates a very important topic: pneumococcal pneumonia, defined as pneumonia caused by the pneumococcal bacterium. The video’s purpose was to raise awareness of a vaccination that can help avoid this condition. As a consequence of the New York Times’s efforts, an animated film understandably explaining a complicated issue has been created that is entertainingly accessible to everyone owing to the graphic style of the video.


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