What exactly is animation?


Animation is the process of creating designs, drawings, layouts, and the creation of photographic sequences for use in multimedia and gaming goods. It is also known as visual effects. The animation uses static pictures and manipulates those images to create the appearance of movement in a film. An animator is a person who specialises in the creation of animations. They use various computer technologies to record still photos and then animate them in the order in which they are required.


When referring to a collection of visual and audio components acquired from various sources and then combined into a single combination, the word “multimedia” is used. A multimedia product can consist of a collection of texts, visual arts, sounds, animations, and movies, among other things. More specifically, the term multimedia refers to the combination of visual and audio materials into a single common presentation that can be played on a computer, such as a CD ROM or digital video, the internet or web technology, streaming audio or video, and a data projection system, among other things.

Because of advancements in animation, graphics, and multimedia, the modern entertainment business, including cinema and television, has reached new heights. Animation and multimedia techniques are used in various applications, including television commercials, cartoons, serials, presentations, and model designs.

Various Types of Animation

Animation in the traditional sense (cel animation or hand-drawn animation)
Video with a stop motion effect (Claymation, Cut-outs)
Graphics in Motion (Typography, Animated logo)
Animation created on a computer
Animation in two dimensions
3D animation is a type of animation that uses three-dimensional graphics.

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